Ukon Wacka von Korpiklaani


Ukon Wacka


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Label: Nuclear Blast
Korpiklaani's seventh album stays mostly concise and festive: staccato vocals chanted in double-time rhythm, sometimes with drunken oi!-like gang-chorus accompaniment, over thrash-chorded forest jigs. "Tequila" exhibits both an anomalous Mexican influence and an extended drum break; the title track is sung with quivering gruffness by Finnish rock songster Tuomari Nurmio and showcases a ghostly minor-key melody oddly similar to John Anderson's "Seminole Wind." At the end, the set's second fast polka leads into the six-minute "Surma," alternately solemn and triumphant, until woodwinds take over.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album